Young Models

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I was dating this young Russian model once. I thought that I was in heaven until I found out that not only was she with me, but she was also fucking her photographer. It seems that she would get calls all hours of the night while we were out from her photographer. Then she would tell me how sorry she was, but she needed to go and have some more pictures taken for this magazine or that ad or whatever she decided was needed to say. I started to get a bit suspicious after about the fourth time this happened and decided that I would follow her to see what was going on.

So, my young Russian model went off to see her photographer and I went along quietly with the plan to follow her to catch her in the act. I knew that once I saw it with my own two eyes that it would probably devastate me, but that it would need to be ended between us. I let her go into the studio and that is when I went to the window to peer in at her to see just what it was that this guy had that I couldn’t give to her. She seemed like she was very happy to be with me and I just couldn’t get it through my head as to what I could do to make it better between us. That is when I found out that what her photographer had that I didn’t have was a set of very nice tits and an extremely wet pussy.

Yes, it turned out that my young Russian model was bisexual and her photographer was a female. I felt a twinge of pain at first but once they started to kiss, I decided that it wasn’t such a big deal and I settled in to watch a very hot and sexy show that you couldn’t see even online. I was so aroused that I even started to masturbate right there by the window. That is when they saw me and flipped out. She didn’t care so much that I was enjoying watching a young Russian model making out with a female photographer. Instead, it was the fact that I was following her rather than just asking her what was going on. We broke up right there and then and I haven’t heard from her since then.

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