Young Models

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When someone comes up to me and tells me how they like those very very young models nude pictures, I have to inform them that my idea of very very young is when they turn of legal age. I think that anything before that is just wrong and I am completely uncomfortable with talking about it. Of course, if the person talking to me is very young then I can understand where they are coming from but I would never ever put it into a sexual context. This is, of course, just my opinion and not everyone shares my opinion.

I have a very hard time looking at very very young models nude and I try not to even think about things like that at all. If you are into things like that, then I guess it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, but I would prefer that you don’t tell me about it. I had one guy trying to tell me all about his fantasy about a very young model and I just couldn’t sit there and listen to it. I think he was a bit disturbed and it made me extremely uncomfortable, if you can imagine.

The very very young models nude pictures that he was trying to tell me about made me so uncomfortable that I finally had to stand up and tell him to stop. I informed him that he was a very disturbed individual and that the things he was telling me was probably better left to himself in a quiet room where no one could have any contact with him, let alone hear what he was talking about. I also informed him that if he continued, I would have to leave him alone, but I also wanted him to know that I wasn’t actually condoning or judging him as a person but rather I just didn’t want to hear about it.

He deeply apologized to me about talking about these very very young models nude pictures and that he didn’t mean to upset me. Now, he is a very good friend of mine, but back when we first met, I was deeply concerned that he was not right in the head. It turns out that since he is in his sixty’s that anything under the age of twenty five is considered to be very very young to him. We laugh about it now.

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