Young Models

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Some guys like those old ladies as models with their tits that gravity is slowly affecting. Personally, I prefer to look at the female model young teens myself. I think that looking at a nice young girl is one of the best ways to get my cock as rock hard as it will get. The way their little tits stick out and the nipples turn into hard little pebbles is just about enough to make me shoot in my pants.

It’s all about how they look too. You don’t want to see any fat female model young teens pictures out there, as they have no idea how to look sexy. You want to look at those hot sexy skinny girls that can bend and move their bodies in ways that the fat ones could never think of. It’s all about getting a guys cock hard and keeping it that way. The good young female teen models know just how to do that by moving their hips in a way that can make a guy explode in under a minute. Something about nice tight wet pussies grinding against a hard cock can make you insane.

I have actually had the occasion to fuck a female model young teens once and she was the hottest thing in the world. I think that is why I have such a fascination with them all. They know all the right moves, or at least she did. I had to go at her again after about ten minutes to recover from the first time seeing as how I came way too quickly. She wasn’t upset, though, as the second time I lasted almost ten minutes. Then after another small break of about five minutes or so I was able to go for a couple hours and showed her what it was like to have multiple orgasms one right after the other.

Those female model young teens sure know how to fuck a guy and keep him cumming back for more. It was all I could do to stay awake after the third time I came. Once I did fall asleep she woke me up a couple of hours later by giving me the hottest blow job I could have ever imagined. It was so good that I still wake up thinking about it and find that I have ejaculated all over myself without even touching anything. That’s a bit embarrassing but there’s no one there to see so it’s all good.


I have a fetish for young teen models and just can’t seem to get enough of them. There is just something about their bodies that makes me instantly hard whenever I look at one of their pictures. It’s like something takes over my body and all I can do is sit there staring and masturbating. I guess that could be considered a bad thing by most people but I really like it.

The best sites I have found online have all the good pictures of teen models and I spend quite a bit of time looking through their selections. I spend hours everyday looking at those pictures and stroking my hard cock. It’s like I can’t seem to just leave it alone. I guess you could say that I am addicted to looking at pictures of hot young teen models. If you ever need to find me for whatever reason, all you have to do is check my bedroom. I will more than likely be in there every free moment I have during the day and night, even going to sleep holding a picture of some model in my arms as I drift off to sleep.

Every once in a while I start to think that I might need to find another hobby other than looking at young teen models pictures online. It might help me actually get laid by a real girl sometime if I didn’t spend all of my time surfing online for new pictures and videos. Then again I find this hobby way more satisfying than building models or stamp collecting so I will probably continue it until I have no other choice but to quit.

My fetish probably controls most of what I do in my life but that isn’t too bad when you consider that I don’t really have much of a life to begin with. I spend most of my time online and when I’m not online I am at work or eating. So there isn’t much that could ever go wrong really, once you think about it. I guess that is the best thing for me, really, just working and spending my time with my young teen models in my fantasies. It’s almost like they call to me when I get lonely. When I see their pictures I know that everything is going to work out just fine in my life.


I always wondered where they get the art young models for those really cool painting classes. It turns out that most of the time they go to photo studios and just ask the models if they would like to pose for some of these classes. These models are also paid for their time. Now, that would be a very cool job if I could let my mind stop worrying about all those people looking at my naked body while they were painting me. I just know that they wouldn’t get my proportions quite right and I would end up with a smaller penis than I already have. That is pretty much a huge let down when things like that happen.

So, I figured that these art young models are actually professional or semi professional models that just need the exposure, no pun intended, and that they can use the extra money so they sign up to do this for the classes. I thought that one of the best ways to meet and talk to one of these models was to actually join one of the painting classes to see if I could maybe take her out for coffee afterwards. The idea may have been very good but my ability to paint wasn’t. I felt like an idiot trying to talk to her after seeing her naked like that.

I went to that class for a couple of weeks and we kept getting the same art young models in. I finally got the nerve to ask one of them out after class one day. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but she did decline, saying that it was a business type thing, and she never dated anyone that she was working with as it caused a lot of stress for her. I told her I would quit the class and she laughed, until I showed her the picture I was painting. She agreed right then that I should quit the class because painting was not my strong suit. But she did find it rather sexy that I went through all of that just to ask some art young models out on a date and she felt a bit of pity for me. We had a wonderful time at dinner and went out a couple more times after that. All in all it turned out to be a good idea after all.


Just because you are allowed to attend a show of young nude models does not mean that you can be rude by drooling all over the place. These sexy young women will not appreciate having your drool on everything. You also better be REALLY careful that you don’t drool on their bare bodies.

Another thing that you better restrain yourself from doing is licking them. You cannot lick their faces, necks, ears, shoulders, chest or any other part of their bodies whether you can reach them or not. That is not only rude but the young nude models may be wearing some sort of body makeup to make their skin look all nice and bronzed. If they are, that stuff does not taste good and is not meant to be ingested. While you get yourself under control you can watch these gorgeous young ladies parade onstage for your personal enjoyment.

Not every man who gets the chance to attend a show of live nude models is going to act this way, nor will they need to be chastised until they behave. Most of them are very prestigious and probably quite wealthy. These attributes tend to also carry impeccable manners so they will know just how to behave while viewing these young nude models. While they may WANT to lick these girls and fuck them senseless, you won’t see any signs of how they really feel. They have been trained in the art of self discipline.

That’s not to say that these models would not be interested in getting a bit of hard cock. Usually, while you are looking at them, they are also looking at you. They will choose which of the men in the audience that they will take home with them or just backstage after the show. So if you clean up nice, you may get really lucky as these young nude models will not only want to fuck you, but you will probably invited to a private nude photo shoot with one, and end up with an ass load of autographed nude photos of her.

Now, what other kind of sexual heaven can you imagine? You get to look, touch, fuck, and walk away with a nice sexy souvenir of the time you spent together. It doesn’t matter if you never see the girl again. In this way, it can always be remembered the way YOU want to remember it.


I knew a young teen model once who was so dramatically sexy that she couldn’t even walk down the street without throngs of both guys and girls trying to get close to her and get her to date them. I felt so sad for her that she couldn’t even go out to just hang out with her friends without taking an armed escort with her. She had to have bodyguards everywhere she went and never got to have any fun at all outside of her house. It was if her beauty was nothing but a prison cell for her and she was never going to be released.

Now, this young teen model enjoyed all of the attention at first and who wouldn’t really? But it seemed to wear on her and you could tell by looking into her eyes that all she wanted was just one night out where she could just be herself and not have to worry about all those other people out there noticing her. It was like she was silently begging for a release that she knew would never come as her beauty was the only thing most people noticed about her.

So I decided I was going to get this young teen model out and away from everything, even if it was only for a couple of hours before people found out who she was. I decided that I was going to take her to dinner and maybe out to a movie if we could possibly pull it off. When I told her about my plans she was excited, but never thought that it would work out that way. I could see that she wanted it to work as much as she had ever wanted anything else in her life. Because of that, I made sure that it would, just to make her happy.

The first thing I did was make my young teen model dress up like a guy. She was a bit put off about this but I told her that nobody would suspect two gay lovers walking around the streets and that it should work out all right if we gave her a bit of a five o’clock shadow. We even stuck something down into her pants so that everyone thought she had a cock. It turned out that it worked perfectly. No one gave us a second look that night. She told me later that it had been the best night of her life for a very long time.


I would love to be able to find a bbs young model site that actually had some of the models that I enjoy looking at and reading about. I have joined up on so many now that I have actually lost track of all of them. Not only that, I have yet to see any models that I actually know of. There are a few of them that I have found on these sites that I do enjoy now and never knew of before, but my whole purpose in joining these servers was to find some of the ones that I am already familiar with.

I guess the only way for me to get what I really want is for me to actually go out and start my very own bbs young model site. Then I will see if I can find anyone to join it who has pictures and info on models I like. Although I would have to put up some stuff that I have and, if I can’t find it anywhere, it wouldn’t be possible for me to put it up on my own server. I guess now you can kind of see the dilemma that I am in and why I would love to be able to find a server that has something that I am looking for.

It wouldn’t be so bad, I guess, if the bbs young model sites that I am a part of would post even just one picture of a model that I am a fan of. Then I could take and collect all the pictures I could and upload it to my own server and share the information that I have with others who might be into the same models that I am into. It’s bad enough that most of the sites I have found are nothing more than fan sites and don’t really have the good pictures that I want.

Maybe I could contact the models of my choice and let them know that I would like to put them on my bbs young model site. I would also add that if they would be so kind as to send me some pictures of them finger fucking their pussies I would greatly appreciate it. Yeah, I didn’t think that would go over too well either. I would probably just get ignored or end up with their lawyer or even the cops knocking on my door charging me with some crime.


My girlfriend used to hang out with a group of friends that were all young video models and let me tell you something, those parties that they threw were some of the wildest I have ever been a part of. They would go all weekend long and you never knew where you were going to end up by the time the party was over with. We actually had one that started at our house and ended up down the road in someone else’s house that we didn’t even know before that weekend. That is pretty wild when you are crashing other people’s houses with your party!

These young video models would run around in some of the skimpiest clothes at the very beginning of these parties but by the time Monday morning rolled around you couldn’t find a single model that still had her clothes on. You could, however, find where those models had been by following the trail of clothing that they displaced everywhere they went. Sometimes we would find clothes in the trees or stuffed in the microwave even. It really just depended on how messed up the model was and where she was when she started to strip her clothes off.

The weekend the young video models and I ended up down the street at a stranger’s house, we had found about fifteen pounds of clothing soaking wet and laying in the fireplace. Evidently they had jumped into the pool and decided the best way to dry them off was by placing them in the fireplace. Thankfully, no one had been able to light the fire and they didn’t get burned that night. It was the little things that we were thankful for during those party weekends with her friends. The homeowner was very happy that they didn’t get the fire started, too, as it would have probably destroyed the whole house.

Those days have moved on and the parties with the young video models have quieted down a bit. Oh sure, we still have the occasional call from the neighbors about naked women running through their houses, but all in all it doesn’t get too far out of hand anymore. Not to mention that some of our neighbors ask us to hold parties so that they can have naked women running through their houses, but like I said that doesn’t happen quite as often as it used to anymore.


I was dating this young Russian model once. I thought that I was in heaven until I found out that not only was she with me, but she was also fucking her photographer. It seems that she would get calls all hours of the night while we were out from her photographer. Then she would tell me how sorry she was, but she needed to go and have some more pictures taken for this magazine or that ad or whatever she decided was needed to say. I started to get a bit suspicious after about the fourth time this happened and decided that I would follow her to see what was going on.

So, my young Russian model went off to see her photographer and I went along quietly with the plan to follow her to catch her in the act. I knew that once I saw it with my own two eyes that it would probably devastate me, but that it would need to be ended between us. I let her go into the studio and that is when I went to the window to peer in at her to see just what it was that this guy had that I couldn’t give to her. She seemed like she was very happy to be with me and I just couldn’t get it through my head as to what I could do to make it better between us. That is when I found out that what her photographer had that I didn’t have was a set of very nice tits and an extremely wet pussy.

Yes, it turned out that my young Russian model was bisexual and her photographer was a female. I felt a twinge of pain at first but once they started to kiss, I decided that it wasn’t such a big deal and I settled in to watch a very hot and sexy show that you couldn’t see even online. I was so aroused that I even started to masturbate right there by the window. That is when they saw me and flipped out. She didn’t care so much that I was enjoying watching a young Russian model making out with a female photographer. Instead, it was the fact that I was following her rather than just asking her what was going on. We broke up right there and then and I haven’t heard from her since then.


I have always wondered what it would take to get a hold of some of those young female model portfolios. I think it would be very interesting to see all those wonderful poses that they take pictures of and send out to all the companies that would pay them to model their stuff. Although I think I would much rather see the ones that they don’t include in the portfolios. You know, the pictures that they just don’t think would show off the quality that they are trying to portray? Those pictures, I think, would end up being hot as hell.

I almost got to see a set of young female model portfolios pictures once when I was in my friend’s office. He is a photographer and he had a client come in asking him to take a bunch of pictures for her portfolio. He said that she was one of the hottest girls he had ever taken pictures of and really wanted to see her get naked for him. He told me that he almost had her taking all of her clothes off in front of the camera, but decided it was just the wrong thing to do as he is a professional and didn’t want to ruin his business.

He was going to show me the negatives that he had taken for that young female model portfolios but he figured it would be a break of the confidentiality agreement that he had signed with the girl he was taking pictures of. He knew I wouldn’t say anything to anyone but he also didn’t want anyone knowing that he had kept copies of her negatives that he was supposed to turn over when they were done with everything. He said that if she found out about it her manager could come in and sue him for everything he had and take the whole business out from under him.

I really wanted to see those young female model portfolios but he locked them up in a filing cabinet and told me to forget about it. I thought I might be able to pick the lock and check them out anyway but I really didn’t want to ruin our long lasting friendship like that. After all, we had gone through school together and even our families were the best of friends. He did tell me that the next set he took I would get to see. However, I am still waiting for that to happen.


There is the coolest thing online that I found that gives you all kinds of information about young models bbs. These really cool bulletin board servers have everything from fans posting pictures that they have taken of the models to the shooting schedules for every model you could ever think of. I found it very interesting that there was so much information on things like that and decided to join a couple of them to see what I could find out about my favorite models. I also wanted to talk to those people out there that enjoyed the same things I did.

It turns out that these young models bbs sites have been around for numerous years and I was totally unaware that they even existed until just recently. The things you learn when you are bored and surfing the internet are outstanding sometimes. I wasn’t even looking for anything that came close to what I found. Yet, there it was plain as day before me. In fact, I believe I was looking for an accessory for my car, or something like that, when I ended up drifting into this site that was full of information on things that I found very interesting.

There are a couple young models bbs sites out there that the people who are registered to them exchange nothing but nude pictures of their favorite young models. I was quite interested in that also so I gave those sites a look, also. I found that I might have hit the mother lode on all things super hot and sexy. I found pictures of my favorite models with very little effort at all and they were super hot to look at. Some of them were even firsthand sex pictures that a couple of the guys had taken who were lucky enough to actually get these girls in bed with them.

I think I have subscribed or registered with at least six young models bbs servers now and I am bombarded with messages and pictures of all the most wonderful models I could ever imagine. I have even had the opportunity to find a couple of new models who are extremely sexy that I never knew existed. I never would have heard about these models unless I travelled to another country or joined one of these sites. Finding a gold mine of information like this doesn’t happen every day for me, so you can imagine just how happy I am.